Diversity and inclusion in St John: Young members perspectives in 2014 is a research report by the Australian Youth Advisory Team.

In 2014, the Australian Youth Advisory Team (formerly the Australian Youth Council) engaged young members of St John to:

  • gain an understanding of what diversity and inclusion means to this future generation
  • determine young members’ perceptions regarding diversity and inclusion in St John, and
  • determine future directions for the organisation.

A consultation was held at the annual Youth Stakeholders Weekend in Blaxland, New South Wales in July 2014, in addition to an online survey that was completed by 156 young members. The results of the consultation and online survey are presented in this report.

While there were many differing views and understandings around diversity and inclusion, and these did vary with age, commonalities in members’ definitions led to diversity being viewed as all the ways in which people differ, and inclusion is the way we participate and use diverse knowledge, skills and resources to benefit our organisation and the community.

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