The St John Southern Cross Award (SCA) is a relatively new awards program that has been designed to provide our young members with a flexible option of personal development and to gain achievement in meaningful ways. The activities are not pre-determined, so as a young person you get to choose.

The Southern Cross Award has been designed for you to set your own goals, work within your time-frames and for you to make your own decision in relation to identifying opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

How to get started with the Southern Cross Award?

1. Review the information pack below and start the application below.

2. Think carefully about the activities that you want to complete and write a detailed outline of what you are planning on doing. Be specific in what you aim to achieve. For each activity write a minimum of 200 words about what activity you are planning on completing.

3. Select a mentor who will provide support, guidance and encouragement while you work through each part of the SCA. For more information about mentoring, go to

4. For Gold level applications, be sure to upload copies of your Bronze and Silver application forms as well as your completed activity forms (signed-off by your mentor) in your online application.
5. Hit submit!

Information Guide Application Form