The 2020 Norma Bell National Youth Leader Award is an initiative of the Australian Youth Advisory Network of St John Ambulance Australia. The Award is funded by the generous bequest of Norma Bell, friend and supporter of youth development within St John Ambulance Australia.

About the award

The Norma Bell National Youth Leader Award will provide a national platform for young people to be recognised for their outstanding contributions to St John and the community. The Award intends to reward young members for their activity as leaders, whilst promoting their contributions on a national stage and actively providing professional development pathways for our young members.

Leadership is important

Leadership is vital for the continued growth and development of any organisation, St John Ambulance Australia included. Just as vital for the longevity of the organisation is the presence and development of leadership in our young members.

Leadership and being a young leader is the incorporation of a variety of different qualities, including:

  • creativity

  • self-confidence

  • the ability to communicate at all levels, and

  • being interested in and concerned for people.

​Young leaders can be found throughout St John Ambulance Australia from the grass roots level to the Australian Board. Leaders are those people striving for excellence and development in others and themselves. Our young leaders are those people who go above and beyond their roles to contribute to a vibrant environment for other young people to achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential.


In 2020, The Norma Bell National Youth Leader Award is available to any volunteer member of St John Ambulance Australia (Event Health Services, Community Care, Training, Ophthalmic), who:

  • is aged between 18-26 years

  • has a minimum of two (2) years service

  • holds current membership with St John

  • is not the current Australian Youth Advisory Network Team Leader,  Member or Project Lead, and

  • has not previously won the award*.

* previous nominees can apply or be nominated.

Valid nominations must include a supporting written reference. Finalists will be notified by the selection panel and further supporting documents may be required to assist in the nomination screening process.

Selection Process

All valid nominations will be reviewed by a selection panel. Once a shortlist has been created, the shortlisted nominees will be contacted and asked to provide any supporting material (e.g. a resume) that they wish to submit to support their application.

The panel will review the supporting materials and then conduct a (teleconference) interview with shortlisted nominees. Award recipients will be advised early August, 2020.​

How to nominate? 

If you think someone you know deserves this Award, simply complete the Nomination Form below! Simply submit your nomination by no later than 29 June.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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