Young people are the future of St John Ambulance Australia. They are both our current and future workforce and our consumers. Presently, young people under 26 years of age make up 42.9% (excluding St John ACT as no data available) of St John’s volunteer population nationally, with the engagement of members under 26 years in some jurisdictions being significantly higher than the national average. It is vital that St John does everything in its power to ensure young members are engaged, nurtured and supported to reach their full potential.

The inaugural St John Ambulance Australia National Youth Member Survey aims to act as a thermometer—one that checks the temperature of youth satisfaction across many priority areas in our organisation. A project like this has never been undertaken in the history of the Australian organisation.

The National Youth Survey aims to ask some big questions in the key areas of:

  • opportunities
  • recognition
  • flexibility
  • wellbeing
  • communication
  • decision-making
  • career progression
  • challenge
  • valuing members
  • respondents’ future in St John.

Through the survey, St John can begin to establish a picture of how our young members feel about their organisation and the areas that warrant attention by both the National and State/Territory organisations. By acting on this feedback, we ensure that St John remains an organisation of volunteering and employment choice for young people. The aim is to repeat this exercise at least bi-annually to build a picture over time and recognise trends. The results of this report will also be used to inform the priorities of the St John Ambulance Australia National Youth Strategy (2017–2022).