In September 2016, the Australian Youth Advisory Network (AYAN) 2016 Boundless summit saw 30 young members from Queensland, Victoria, the Northern Territory and New South Wales come together on the Gold Coast to participate in professional development, networking and consultation opportunities.

To determine a young members views towards episodic volunteering within St John Ambulance Australia, AYAN conducted a consultation with the aim of generating ideas on whether such a model of volunteerism would be conducive with St John’s existing model of operation .

A recent trend has seen a shift away from regular, long-term volunteering to more episodic or one-time service—this is particularly so for young people. While this has created significant challenges for many organisations that depend on consistently available volunteers (such as St John’s current Event Health Services model of volunteerism), the reality is that more and more volunteers, especially young volunteers, are looking for ways to get engaged in a short-term capacity.

The question put to Boundless participants was “Are there opportunities within St John’s existing structure that will accommodate the episodic volunteer and potentially engage more young citizens?” Read the results paper to find out more.


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