In September 2016, the Australian Youth Advisory Network (AYAN) 2016 Boundless Summit saw thirty young members from Queensland, Victoria, the Northern Territory and New South Wales come together on the Gold Coast to participate in professional development, networking and consultation opportunities.

In ascertaining young members’ perceptions of how St John is faring with regard to its young members, consultation participants were asked to consider:

  • their views on the organisation at present
  • where they would like to see St John in the future
  • barriers that may prevent the organisation making progress.

This was facilitated via an organisational SWOT Analysis. In a world café-style exercise, participants were broken up into four groups where they were able to give their insights, experiences and ideas regarding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding youth participation in St John.

Data was analysed and grouped into key themes. The findings of the consultation are contained in the report.


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