That’s a wrap!

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Sunday rolled around, too early for some and the lucky Chapter members and members of the Order were treated to a 0730 hours meeting. For AYAN Team Members our schedule was kinder and we were fortunate enough to attend a chilly Church Service just after 1000 hours.

After a warm reception from the local attendees and Dean at St Andrews, St John’s Bishop Richard Hurford gave a service on purpose and goals in relation to the scripture and Judaeo-Christian values the original Order of St John was founded upon as well as within our own lives. While we found it a bit cold, Officers of the Order reliably informed us that their cloaks protected them from the elements. Thus my own goal now is to get one of those cloaks!

After Church, Conference Delegates attended MONA, the subversive adult Disneyland which Hobart offers, while the Medical Advisory Panel and the AYAN got down to our respective meetings.

It was an incredible experience to host the Lord Prior Sir Malcolm Ross, the Chancellor, Professor Mark Compton and our CEO of the Australian Office, Robert Hunt for a portion of our meeting. We discussed the future and direction of the St John youth program in Australia as well as the challenges currently threatening its providence.

Naturally the first question I asked Sir Malcolm was to clarify whether or not the cloaks they wore at church provided significant warmth (it’s important to know that a goal is worth pursuing!). He informed me that they are, and based on that reliable information I am now assured of my goal.

Sir Malcolm was a great presence at our meeting and was interested in what we, as Team Members, do within the organisation and I thank him for his attendance.

The AYAN Team spent the rest of our meeting caffeinating, discussing and planning more exciting initiatives and endeavouring to discover better ways to represent and advocate for young people in St John Ambulance Australia. We’re excited for the opportunities that this period of change brings and we want to represent young people better in every way.

Anyway, that’s all from me! It’s been an incredible few days and I can’t wait until we get to share with you the bigger and better things that we’re planning.

– Laura