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Saturday night presented an opportunity for Conference Delegates (including AYAN) to glam up and get dancing, with an excellent meal to boot.

A pre-dinner mixer provided an opportunity for proper socialising and relaxation after a long day. We were also very fortunate to be joined by our Lord Prior Sir Malcolm Ross, and his lovely wife Lady Ross. Over the course of the dinner thanks and gratitude were given to all the organisers and people behind the scenes who had made Member Convention such a success. The Lord Prior also gave a presentation on the work of St John Internationally and our priories overseas.

For AYAN members it was an excellent opportunity to discuss the work of young people and our ongoing place in the organisation as well as socialise with members, both younger and older, from across the country.

Special mention should also be made to Professor Mark Compton of whom it was announced has been promoted within the Order of St John to the position of Bailiff Grand Cross (the highest grade available to a non-royal—there’s only 5 in the history of the Australian Priory!). The AYAN congratulates him on this awesome achievement!

However, it couldn’t be a St John event, or a member conference, without some dancing and rowdy partying. All delegates got amongst it, including our ever-responsible CEO Robert Hunt who shared some incredible dance moves with convention attendees. Our team had fun and we hope all attendees did as well.

As the night drew to a close, we were assured an early wake up for Church the next day, which, will be in our next, and final blog entry.

Before I go however, I would also like to offer my personal thanks and the gratitude of AYAN for the incredible work done by Conference organisers, speakers and delegates in making us all feel collectively welcome and a part of proceedings. As a first-time Member Conferencer I am excited to attend many to come.