The St John AYAN Ambassador Program is an integral part of our ongoing mission to represent young Members in St John Ambulance Australia.

What is the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program aims to assist AYAN in representing young Members in St John across Australia. One of the unique features of the Ambassador Program is its flexibility—Ambassadors develop their own goals for participation and consultation with young people. This allows significant autonomy for our Ambassadors, and allows them to choose a model of volunteering that works for them. Our incredible Ambassadors not only support the initiatives of AYAN, but have the opportunity for significant personal, professional and community development experiences. 


Who can become a St John AYAN Ambassador?

The only pre-requisite to becoming an Ambassador is a deep passion for advocating for young people in St John Ambulance Australia. You do not have to be a member of the organisation and AYAN welcomes a broad range of perspectives. If you’re willing to support AYAN in its success and providing a better platform for young people to be heard, then you are welcome in the Ambassador Program. Please note if you are already a Member of St John, you will need endorsement from your state/territory to participate.


What do St John AYAN Ambassadors do?

AYAN Ambassadors are incredibly import in publicising the work of AYAN through their networks. Further to this, Ambassadors set their own goals in terms of consulting with young people within the organisation. They are also invited to various professional development opportunities (e.g. Webinars) to ensure that all AYAN Ambassadors are supported in their work and have clear outcomes which they can achieve. There is an initial goal setting process, and every 12 months there is a refresher of these goals and a reflection on all the incredible work achieved by the Ambassadors over the 12 month period.

Are you interested in becoming an AYAN Ambassador? Apply today!