Youth Resources

Rules of Engagement

The Youth Participation Support Pack (YPSP) was created as a result of an Australian Youth Council brainstorming session in 2005. The AYC thought young people would find it useful to have a document that would assist them in how to get involved in, start or revitalise a youth council. Rules of Engagement is the next incarnation of this document—it has a more modernised approached, includes lots of information for every young person interested in youth representation plus it looks great!


Protect Ur Rep

ProtectUrRep is a cyber safety resource designed specifically for members of St John Ambulance Australia. The resource is targeted at older cadets or youth members (15-17), young adult members (18-26) and adult working with cadets and youth.


Why Health

Why Health is a resource that aims to assist young people in keeping healthy and stay safe. This resource provides information and tips in areas such as violence, bullying, harassment and mental wellbeing.


Head Spin

At AYAN, we believe that mental health and wellbeing is an important issue facing young Aussies today. Young people can have difficulty asking for help or finding appropriate information when mental health problems arise. They may not know who to talk to or what services are available. Some young people may not be aware they are experiencing a mental health or wellbeing problem at all. Head Spin is a resource that can assist young people, or people supporting a young person experiencing a mental health problem.


Disaster Resilience Toolkit

This toolkit is an all-encompassing document, providing practical information on how to prepare, survive and recover in the event of a disaster. It takes the reader through the steps to prepare for a disaster, encourages them to talk with their neighbours and local communities about preparedness, as well as providing a quick reference guide for first aid most commonly required in an emergency and finally taking them through the most oft-forgotten recovery stage.


AYAN Resources

About AYAN

Do you often wonder who the Australian Youth Advisory Network is? Here is a handy one page resources that you can share with your colleges and friends to explain who the Australia Youth Advisory Network is.