What is the AYAN?

The Australian Youth Advisory Network (AYAN) is St John Ambulance Australia’s primary body for communicating and consulting with young members aged 12 to 26 years, and representing their views.

We aim to communicate and consult with young people nationally and understand their point of view.
We aim to represent young peoples’ views to decision makers in St John nationally.
We aim to help St John to achieve its organisational goal of making first aid a part of everybody’s life.


By connecting with young people, the AYAN can gain insight into how to promote a first aid culture in Australia and generate innovative ideas to contribute to a vibrant and sustainable organisation. Young people have a great deal to offer organisations like St John and we want to share their ideas, innovation and feedback with decision makers.

Who is AYAN for?

AYAN is for all young people. Whether you are an adult member, paramedic, other paid staff member or involved in the cadet or youth movement, we want to hear from you!